Necromancer Book 4 available in preorder

I’ve been having fun with familiar characters for the last few months, and one result is this new story for the Necromancer series – Trapped by Greed, which will release July 29th. The book is now up for preorder on Amazon – (with other site preorders coming closer to the release date).

Silas Thornwood’s worst nightmare has come to life. Darien’s familiar Pip is gravely injured, and Darien and Jasper have been kidnapped. Someone ruthless and violent is holding the man Silas loves prisoner, for purposes he doesn’t want to imagine. Silas needs help from his friends to locate and rescue Darien. And when he does, those responsible― whether sorcerer, human, or demon― are going to be truly, utterly sorry…

2 thoughts on “Necromancer Book 4 available in preorder”

  1. Somehow, luckily, I stumbled across the Necromancer series this week. And I just want to say how much I appreciate your presentation of a rationale and a technical system for magical-necromantic operations.

    Though emphatically NOT a practitioner of the magical arts, but definitely one who contemplates the underlying metaphysical principles, I get so much more enjoyment from paranormal fiction that (1) manages a convincing representation of subtle dimension maneuvers, as well as (2) offers a representation of the detriments and dangers likely to challenge any human individual or group endowed with supernormal powers.

    Looking forward to #4. Best regards. Best wishes.

    • I’m so pleased you’re enjoying these stories. I do try to get real life consequences into my paranormal stories – it’s a fun challenge. I hope you’ll like book 4.


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