Undeniable Bonds released

I’m delighted to get this NEW 6th book in the Hidden Wolves series out to readers. Undeniable Bonds is now available. And I’m grateful for all the readers who started with my Hidden Wolves many years ago, and who are following me into this new, delayed, final installment to the journey. There’s no bigger compliment to an author than people coming back to a series after years away, eager to read a new story. (You can find buy links here – https://books2read.com/u/3LRQy0)

It was fun getting back into Aaron’s head again, and watching Zach snark at him and stand up to him, pushing limits but not crossing them. And with the lifespan of my wolves, I got to write a pair of men – Rory and Nikolai – who met in WWII and were pushed apart by war and circumstances, meeting again at long last. As various human factions threaten wolves around the world, my guys fight to make a safe place for their packs and their loved ones. And to find room in the homophobic wolf world for change and acceptance, and love.

I hope readers will enjoy spending time once again with my Hidden Wolves in this conclusion to the series.

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