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  1. I saw this promotion on one of my reader contacts and got hold of your book – The Family We Make – which I have just finished. I loved it. You write such a good story and I really lived in the pages for a while, moved by their love and their pain. Thank you. I am, unfortunately, not in a position to buy your books so can only grab these freebies when the opportunity comes and this was such a treasure of a read.

    • I’m so pleased you’ve enjoyed my story – those guys are particular favorites of mine. I periodically do free sales – most often via Smashwords. I also have a bunch of perma-freebies out there – if you haven’t found Into Deep Waters, Like the Taste of Summer, Nor Iron Bars a Cage, Marked by Death, those are all on Amazon and everywhere. You can get my contemporary novel A Midnight Clear free by joining my newsletter here on my blog (you can always unsubscribe again afterward.) And if you haven’t found the Goodreads MM Group’s stash of free stories you might like to check those out – they are a mixed bunch but include some stories I’ve really enjoyed and I have two free novels there – Laser Visions and Chasing Death Metal Dreamshttp://www.mmromancegroup.com/chasing-death-metal-dreams-by-kaje-harper/

      Also don’t miss lots of good free stuff on AO3 – all of Jane Davitt’s books are now free there. And if you like historical paranormal The Magpie Lord by KJ Charles is an excellent freebie available everywhere. Or in contemporary, NR Walker’s Learning to Feel and Al Stewart and Clarie Davis – Up. It’s rough not to be able to buy books (I kind of live on books) but at least with ebooks there are a ton of good freebies available.


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