Trapped by Greed released

Trapped by Greed – Necromancer book 4 is now available.

When Darien vanishes, kidnapped by persons or forces unknown, Silas will turn over heaven and earth to find him. And those same people injured Darien’s familiar Pip. Grim may pretend indifference, but when he finds them, the guilty parties will learn not to anger a cat.

You can buy Trapped by Greed wherever ebooks are sold. [ Universal Link ]

I hope readers will enjoy the ongoing adventures of Darien, Silas, Grim, and Pip.


Darien sobered. “I’m bummed that you can’t come along, settle some more of the local ghosts, and hang with us. What do you think your Guild meeting on Tuesday is about?”

“I don’t know. Locke’s being very closed-lipped about the whole affair. After insisting I attend. It would serve him right if I urgently needed to leave town.”

“I’ll make a rebel out of you yet. Are you seriously thinking about splitting?” Darien took a step closer, head tilted, lips parted.

That mouth needed to be kissed, so Silas set his mug on the counter, put a hand behind Darien’s head, and did so. Thoroughly.

“And once again, mating behavior gets in the way of substantive discussion,” Grim muttered, jumping onto the counter to nudge Silas’s elbow. “And in the way of opening the tuna can.” He reached out a large, hairy paw to push Silas’s mug an inch closer to the edge.

Silas pulled away from Darien reluctantly, ignoring Grim, although not without a little worry for the fate of his coffee. “Unfortunately, I can’t leave town. I promised Worthington I’d be there.”

“Don’t let them talk you into saving the world without me.” A hint of worry clouded Darien’s dark eyes.

“I’m more likely to be asked to do discounted ghost-clearing for some powerful friend of theirs.” He meant that as reassurance for Darien, but on reflection, a demand for his services was a definite possibility. Worthington’s ponderous “You must commit to being there” could as easily be because he wanted to please the Governor or some millionaire, not any actual necromantic crisis.

Grim said, “You can count on me to make sure Silas is paid what he’s worth, young Darien. Although only if he opens the tuna.” A little coffee slopped out of the mug with the next push.

Darien pulled a drawer wide, fished out the can opener, and passed it to Silas. “Better feed him before he starves to death.”

“Wouldn’t want that.” Silas cut the lid off the tin and set the fish down on a clean plate, then put half a tin of dog food for Pip in a bowl.

Pip’s tail became a white blur as Silas placed the bowl on the floor. “Oh good. I really, really like this food.”

“Processed mush,” Grim muttered over his meal. “Probably hooves and tails and whatnot.”

Pip pulled back a moment, ears drooping, then dove back in. “It’s tasty. I like it.”

“You tell him,” Darien encouraged. “You get to like what you like. Anyway, Silas buys top quality for you.”

Pip cleaned the bowl with a sweep of his tongue and licked his lips. He cocked his head. “Now what?”

Darien drained his mug. “Now I need to pack before our dinner.”

“I’ll keep you company.” Pip trotted out, and Darien followed. A moment later the scamper of toenails on the steps was followed by Darien’s bounding strides. The sounds died away upstairs.

Silas picked up his coffee and sipped it slowly. He realized he was still listening, tuned to the occasional creak or thump from overhead. “It’ll be awfully quiet with those two gone for a week.”

Grim huffed and daintily licked up another bite of tuna. “A restful change.”

Silas couldn’t resist tweaking him. “Come on, you’ll miss Pip. Admit it. He’s like family now.”

Grim sat back and cleaned his whiskers. “Perhaps. Like the half-wit younger brother I never asked for.”

“Don’t you think that’s a bit harsh?”

The big cat tilted his head, as if considering. “No.” He stalked out, plumed tail waving, paws silent on the tiles.

Silas smiled after him, but gradually his smile faded. Life was going to be quiet. He and Darien hadn’t spent a night apart since that gorgeous, ghost-ridden young man fell in across his threshold almost three months back. He set my entire life on its ear, and damned if I don’t like it…

Danger, adventure, and a few more cans of tuna are in store, as the story plays out in Trapped by Greed. I hope readers have fun with this one.

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