New Short Story

The Goodreads M/M Romance group I belong to had a Hot Summer Days event. They had group members post their favorite pictures (romantic and hot and some definitely Not Safe For Work) and then the writers among us chose a picture to write a story for. The stories have been posting day by day through July, and are past the 100 mark now. The writers range from Amy Lane, S.J. Frost and Neil Plakcy to me. The stories have been great (and free – a fine way to find new favorite authors.) They will be eventually available in a couple of free anthologies from All Romance ebooks.

I decided that I would also post mine here now, for those readers who are not group members. The photo I wrote for is copyrighted, so I can’t post it, but here is a description:

The place is a secluded spot for a first kiss; small trees shelter it and leaves filter the sun. The two men are so young, shirtless, all smooth skin and sleek light muscle. The dark boy tentatively holds his lover, head tilted to bring their mouths together. There is nothing tentative about the blond. He straddles the dark boy’s hip and leans in, driving the kiss. From the jeans, the haircuts, the feel of the place, it’s 1980’s in the sweet summertime.

To get to the story, click the cover image at right, or the page labeled “Taste of Summer” above. Hope you like it.

If you want to read all the other great stories you can join the group on Goodreads, as long as you are over 18:

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