Availability and Inspiration

For those who don’t like Paypal (which MLR Press uses), Breaking Cover is now out on Amazon. Not on All Romance e-books yet. I haven’t figured out how that all works, what the delays and decisions are that make books show up when and how they do. My own pet peeve is that Barnes and Noble doesn’t put up the Nook version of books for a long time after the paperback is available (even when the publishers tell me that B&N has the e-book file.) Coupons and discounts and all are nice, but not if it means waiting months for something. I end up getting the epub from other sources and forgoing the discounts.

Like most writers, I occasionally get people asking where I get my ideas, especially when a new book has come out. Recently, someone phrased it more elegantly: “What inspires your stories?” I could have told her, in the words of the song, I hear voices all the time. Most of my stories start with a line or two of narration or dialog running through my head. I hear the voice, see the character speaking. From there the story just kind of builds.

Sometimes it’s visual. Goodreads M/M Romance group solicited stories based on pictures and I chose a lovely black-and-white photo of two young guys kissing. I really like the story that came out of that and plan to post it for general reading in August when the group event is over. The M/M Romance group ended up with over 100 stories from authors ranging from Amy Lane to me. A lot of great stories in there, inspired by some seriously pretty pictures.

And then there are the things that are just inspiring. Not for a specific story but for a mood. Like this YouTube video:
I’ve watched it a few times now. Because this is why I write, this is what I try to capture, this is what we all deserve. Inspiration.

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