Learning Curve released – Tony and Mac’s HEA

Learning Curve, the fourth Life Lessons book, takes Tony and Mac to their HEA, but along the way they deal with toxic family, murder, teens in trouble, and a recovery that’s taking too long for Mac’s peace of mind. Mac’s past comes back to haunt him, and Tony’s dedication to his students is tested. I can’t wait for you to see these guys taking care of each other and the kids, as they fight for their happy ending.

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Tony glanced up from the stove as Mac came into the kitchen. “There you are. You almost missed dinner. Luckily for you I got behind schedule.” He took a longer look. Mac’s expression was odd, at once happy and very anxious. “What have you been up to?”

“Um. Busy.”

Tony would’ve let that go, except for the way Mac wouldn’t meet his eyes. It was probably cheating to say, “You don’t have to tell me,” in a disappointed voice, but it worked.

Mac hesitated a minute longer, then said, “Oliver asked me to come in for a little while.”

“In… to the precinct?” Tony was proud of how casually he said that. “What for?”

“There was a witness who would only speak to me. He asked me to sit in on the interview.”

“Okay. This was someone you knew?”

“Something like that. Probably just a one-time deal. It was kind of fun to be useful again.”

Mac wasn’t looking at him. Tony dished out carrots and pork chops with a steady hand. “Tell me later. Would you call the kids please?”


Mac seemed suspiciously happy to duck out of his line of sight and bellow up the stairs for the kids. Tony added potatoes to each plate and carried them to the table. Ben and Anna clattered down the wooden steps, the noise loud overhead. Tony mentally put “carpeting the stairs” on Mac’s to-keep-him-busy-and-not-crazy list. Maybe they could get a cheap runner carpet.

They sat in their seats and began eating. Mac had a good appetite, Tony noticed, and he seemed really interested in the kids’ accounts of their day. Really interested. He almost never looked Tony’s way. Tony ate his pork chop and plotted interrogation by blow-job for the evening. Something was definitely up…

Watch Mac and Tony work their way through murder, parenting, and the shadows of Mac’s past, to reach their HEA in Learning Curve.

7 thoughts on “Learning Curve released – Tony and Mac’s HEA”

  1. A best of all time series!! Wow, wow, wow!! Sometimes a book (or a series) connects with me so deeply that I do an immediate re-read to savor it. That’s how I feel about Life Lessons. Mac, Tony, the kids, the secondary characters, all make Life Lessons one of my favorites of all time!!

    • <3 I'm so glad you connected with these guys and their little family. They're two of my favorite men to write. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and tell me.

  2. It seems a good time for book 5. The kids are teens, marriage is legal, Mac is probably captain, and Brittany is up for parole! I suspect our guys have a third child by now as well. Tony is teaching college level classes and writing professionally. Mac’s family is still a problem. They’ve reconnected with his oldest brother, but dealing with his dad’s terminal illness. Anna finds out Mac isn’t her blood father. There’s so many loose ends to pick up! Could be a new series…think about it. What a way to start 2023! Or next summer’s reads!

    • 😀 Lots of good ideas there. I’ve thought about it, but if Mac is still a cop, then we have to deal with George Floyd and the impact of his death on the people of Minneapolis and its police force. Would Mac resign? Would he stay and fight for change? And if so, what would failing to make major reform happen do to him, and to Tony? Could Tony live with Mac tacitly bowing to the authority of that leadership?

      That’s a more serious book than I’ve wanted to write. And yet, it feels disrespectful to say “hey, I can write my MPD main character as if George Floyd never died.”

      I might do something for them, because there’s a lot of fun to be had. Maybe something that takes them out of Minneapolis, perhaps in Jack’s direction. But it hasn’t come together for me yet.

      I love that you’re interested in the book – and wow, I hadn’t thought about Brittany and parole, but you’re right, that’s a fun twist. And maybe I just need to set it back a couple of years, before everything changed so much.

      Thanks for stopping by, the encouragement, and the ideas <3

      I so do not want to lose track of Mac and Tony….My very favorite of her men and their unwavering support for each other and the family they created!!!


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