A Holiday Story

Hi folks – if you haven’t yet read my story from Thanksgiving on this blog last week STOP and read it first – it’s the first half of this story with the meet-cute, and you can find it here: THANKSGIVING  – Serendipity- Part 1 And for those who have, here’s – Christmas Holiday – Serendipity – Part 2 Serendipity – part 2 Joe   I pulled off three layers of silly-elf wrapping paper and opened … Read more

A Thanksgiving meet-cute story

Serendipity Adrien   “Excuse me. Are you Scott?” I jumped and turned. The man lit by the parking lot floodlights was a total stranger. Sadly, because he was gorgeous. “No, sorry. I’m Adrien.” “Oh.” His shoulders slumped. “Sorry to have bothered you.” I’d have continued on my way in the doors, but as the man turned away I thought I saw a glitter in his eyes like unshed tears. I took a step sideways to … Read more

Avocado Protection is out

Release day for Avocado Protection -I can’t wait for readers to meet Fynn and Nolan The book is wide – currently just AZ and Smashwords, but coming elsewhere once SW sends it over. https://books2read.com/AvocadoProtection . a 40K novella  (content warning for abduction and some violence) ……. Nolan asked, “You do all this alone? I’d imagined a company as successful as RipeBox would have an army of scientists.” To his surprise, Fynn flushed red across his … Read more

Sunday Story – Our Own Way

Once again FB ditched this as spam so here’s this week’s story – a certain secondary character began nudging me for page time, but I’m not writing him a book, so I gave him a little space here to play.   Our Own Way   The clear high C from Brody’s flute pierced the stillness of the auditorium as ten thousand fans held their breaths and leaned into the plaintive ending of “Fathoms Deep.” He … Read more

Sunday story – a contemporary slice of life

Here’s this week’s bit of fiction (once again too long for my FB group.) Dilemmas, No Answers Vic’s snort made Stephan glance up from the script he was reading alongside his plate of fruit and bites of Nutribar. “What?” Vic turned his phone toward Stephan. “The headlines.” Oh. Stephan’s stomach sank but he plastered a grin on his face, not reaching for the phone. “Who am I supposedly fucking this time? Or is it about … Read more

Rocking Karma is out

I’ve had great fun working on the first book in this year’s The Road to Rocktoberfest 2023 and now Rocking Karma is available on AZ in ebook, paper, and in KU. Dax is a mixing tech, a loner, focused on the success of his brother’s band. Lane, the band’s bassist, is juggling a secret label-exec “boyfriend” and his love of doing drag. But when the boyfriend shows his ugly face, and the two men figure … Read more

Out today – Midnight in the Renaissance Elevator

Out today – “Midnight in the Renaissance Elevator” – charity anthology https://www.amazon.com/Midnight-Renaissance…/dp/B0C3Z1WHDG Imagine, if you will, a hotel elevator lobby. On one side, two normal, well-behaved elevators carry guests up and down. On the other side, a lurching, scraping, door-slamming, foot-grabbing, malevolent conveyance. It’s almost midnight, you press the lobby button, and the doors only open on that elevator. Do you wait for another? Do you get in and ride the haunted Renaissance elevator at midnight? My story … Read more

Magic Burning is out!

Magic Burning – my story in the Carnival of Mysteries – is now available. snarky matchmaking familiar closeted firefighter dodging his big family elementary teacher and sorcerer, of sorts fire elemental on the loose a Carnival where all things are possible Check out Magic Burning on Amazon (sorry folks, not wide until the series contract us up in about 9 months, but paper is available on Amazon) – [Buy on Amazon US] excerpt: Chapter 3 … Read more

The Distant Hills and Other Stories is now available

I’m happy to see this collection of stories go out into the world. New love and old, hurt-comfort and humor, meet-cutes and second chances, young men, older ones (and a zombie raccoon) – stories from flash fic to 10K to entertain you, make you chuckle, or touch your heart. Now on Amazon in ebook and Paperback and coming next week wide. (Sorry for the delay, wide-release folk. It will be out wide March 2nd, and … Read more

The Distant Hills now in preorder

The Distant Hills and Other Stories is now available in preorder wide (releases Feb 23rd) Universal link – https://books2read.com/u/38Vgr7 Amazon link – https://www.amazon.com/Distant-Hills-Other-Stories-ebook/dp/B0BRLCQSTJ/ This is a collection of 30 stories, 28 from my Facebook Group shorts, plus the Mac & Tony holiday short and the prequel to Changes Coming Down. . Can a farmer still love the man who stole his horse, and broke his heart? What kind of relationship begins with a passive-aggressive bottle … Read more