Life Lessons is back with new covers and in KU

I’m delighted to finally have my most popular series – Life Lessons – coming back into print.

I decided, for this series which has been wide for a decade, I would take the chance to, for once, put it up on KU, to see if new readers might find it. (And if previous readers want to see the minor changes I made, they can read the new version without buying it.) It will go wide later. And also in audio with JF Harding, who did an awesome job. (Release date pending Audible’s review process.)

Book 1 – Life Lessons is now available – (AZ link)

Meet idealistic young teacher Tony who stumbles across a dying man. And homicide detective Mac, a closeted single father, who has no plans to ever come out. As they deal with murder and danger, in the private moments, these two begin building something special together.

And don’t miss the FREE shorts 1.5 and 1.8 in And to All a Good Night + Getting It Right – HERE on AZ– this is also still available wide, but best read after book 1.

Part of the fun of rereleasing books is seeing new readers encountering my men for the first time. And this time, their wait for the next installment will be short. I had readers asking already how to get Life Lessons Book 2 – Breaking Cover – it’s now available on AZ for preorder with a Dec 14 release date. . (And to my very much appreciated wide readers – this is the only series I’m going to bring back first in KU – it has been wide for a decade, and will be again, so this time I’m giving KU readers a first chance. It will go wide again later.)
Preorder Breaking Cover on AZ US.

Another part of the fun is NEW COVERS – Cate Ashwood created a big, dark, broody Mac for the next two volumes (Tony will be back on Book 4) and I’m delighted to show him off.

Home Work will return in January 2022. (And OMG how are we so close to 2022; where did the year go??)

I hope new readers will enjoy the series.

4 thoughts on “Life Lessons is back with new covers and in KU”

    • Only three of my stories are out in French – MxM Bookmark has released my “Rebuilding Year” series in French. “Se Reconstruire” is the first book.
      I’d love to do more, including this Life Lessons series. (It’s out in Italian, but not French.) But I’m not up for doing translations indie right now, so it would depend on a publisher being interested.

  1. Just read book 1 for the first time and loved it! I saw theat there are 4 books but Book 4 doesn’t have a rerelease announced. Is that coming soon as well? Also, I saw a question you answered on Goodreads years ago saying you might write more for Mac and Tony in the future if something else came to you, so I was wondering if the rerelease is working up to new books in the series?

    • So glad you enjoyed Mac and Tony. Book 4 is definitely rereleasing as well – I’m just waiting for a new cover from my artist to put it up for preorder. That should happen in the next week or so. (Can’t wait to see what she does with Tony on that one ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I’m also intending to get all 4 in audio – just waiting for dates from JF Harding on the others.

      I’m not sure about a new book. The Hidden Wolves turned into a new novel and a new novella. I haven’t ruled out a new Life Lessons book – it’s something I’ve thought about but it’s not in the queue yet.


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