To charge or not to charge

So I had a dilemma. I had written the short story for Life Lessons 1 1/2, mainly for fun, and to show Tony and Mac experiencing some of the things that didn’t fit into the first book (like closure for Marty.) And I put it out there as a free read. And then I got a comment from someone about looking for my books on Amazon and they’d heard there was a short story and … Read more

Characters and interpretations

My latest release, Breaking Cover, got a really nice review yesterday at Reviews by Jessewave; The reviewer, LadyM, did what felt like an excellent job of interpreting the book in the way I intended to write it. But what was really fascinating was reading the comments that followed. I do love the fact that readers see my characters, Tony & Mac, almost as real people. And how different the interpretations are. I love both … Read more

New Short Story

The Goodreads M/M Romance group I belong to had a Hot Summer Days event. They had group members post their favorite pictures (romantic and hot and some definitely Not Safe For Work) and then the writers among us chose a picture to write a story for. The stories have been posting day by day through July, and are past the 100 mark now. The writers range from Amy Lane, S.J. Frost and Neil Plakcy to … Read more

Availability and Inspiration

For those who don’t like Paypal (which MLR Press uses), Breaking Cover is now out on Amazon. Not on All Romance e-books yet. I haven’t figured out how that all works, what the delays and decisions are that make books show up when and how they do. My own pet peeve is that Barnes and Noble doesn’t put up the Nook version of books for a long time after the paperback is available (even when … Read more

Breaking Cover (Life Lessons #2) release

Man, I’m more nervous about this one than I’ve ever been. I guess the free books were low-risk. If someone didn’t like one, well, they hadn’t lost any money on it. And Life Lessons was just a total unknown. (That didn’t keep me from having an anxiety attack over the page proofs and all the things I could no longer fix, but it limited the fall-out.) This book seems to have more expectations attached. I … Read more

All Romance Ebooks, odd choices, and Breaking Cover blurb

I was browsing All Romance Ebooks for a couple things on my TBR list and I came across my book Life Lessons. (Okay, so I had my eye out for it; it’s my firstborn and I’m still mother-henning it a bit.) I was surprised as I scrolled the book list to see LL had a two-star rating! Since a couple of weeks ago when I last checked it had 5 stars based on at least … Read more


I’m in a great mood right now. I got a contract from MLR Press to publish the first book in my werewolf series. The book title is Unacceptable Risk and it is the first of four I’ve written so far. I’m aiming for characters whom readers will enjoy, with hopefully a somewhat different take on how a pack of werewolves fit into the human society around them. I’m going to enjoy working on it with … Read more

Breaking Cover, progress and connectivity

I’m breathing a sigh of get-that-thing-away-from-me relief right now. I just sent the manuscript for Breaking Cover back to proofing and formatting. By this point in the process I’m thoroughly tired of rereading my own words, but hopefully publication is getting close. My editor thinks we may get the e-book out by the end of July. I saw the mock-up for the cover. There’s a nicely pensive picture of Tony on it, and Mac in … Read more

Life Lessons # 1 1/2 available

Look for the free Life Lessons short story And to All a Good Night by clicking on the page link above in the page bar, or on the cover image at right. (Hey, I think I made it work!) I would love comments. Breaking Cover, the sequel to Life Lessons, is now in editing and I’ve got maybe one more go-round to make it right. So tell me what you think.

Short Story – Mac & Tony # 1 1/2

I have a Mac & Tony short story (And to All a Good Night  –  M & T # 1 1/2) which falls between Life Lessons and Breaking Cover that I’m going to post for a free read soon.  It’s about 10,000 words.  I’ll put it on this website at WordPress, and probably on my author site at Goodreads too.  But that will be for reading online not download.  Does anyone hate reading on their … Read more