Short Story – Mac & Tony # 1 1/2

I have a Mac & Tony short story (And to All a Good Night  –  M & T # 1 1/2) which falls between Life Lessons and Breaking Cover that I’m going to post for a free read soon.  It’s about 10,000 words.  I’ll put it on this website at WordPress, and probably on my author site at Goodreads too.  But that will be for reading online not download.  Does anyone hate reading on their … Read more

Female authors, m/m romance, and cultural usurpation

So I’m a woman, and I write m/m romance.  Now that my writing is out in the public eye, I have to wonder, is that…okay?   Humans all share the same emotions, the same love and fear and lust and embarrassment and anger and excitement.    Is it egotistical to think that I can successfully create believable gay men in my fiction out of that shared human experience?  And even if I can, is it exploitative … Read more

Covers, models and chest waxing

I’ve been thinking about covers a lot.  As a new author, the big first hurdle is getting people to pick up your book and try it.  When I saw the gorgeous layout Winterheart Design did on Life Lessons I did a little happy dance, because I knew that would be a big factor in making people stop for a second look.  I owe the art folks a huge thank-you for that one. (And thank-you, thank-you … Read more

Sequels, series and familiar characters

I just got the contract in and signed for the sequel to my book, Life Lessons. The next one, Breaking Cover, has been completed for a while, but now I can start the editing and publishing process. And a third adventure for Mac & Tony is in first-draft form. At the same time I was reading Treachery in Death by J.D. Robb, which is the 32nd book in that series. And it got me thinking … Read more

OK, so I need a Website…

From Goodreads, May  15,2011: My editor tells me that it is essential for a writer to have a website.  If I’m reading her correctly, the biggest impetus is to give readers a chance to contact the author with questions and comments.  Obviously, it also serves as advertising.  So I spent a while browsing other authors’ sites and blogs.  They varied from pretty basic to very professional with buttons and videos and direct channels to where … Read more