Win Unacceptable Risk, and see an excerpt from The Rebuilding Year

Today, Dec. 23rd, I’m doing a guest spot on Kathleen Hayes’ blog Romancing the Word. Kathleen has been doing a wonderful 12 Days of Christmas Extravaganza with author interviews and excerpts and book giveaways and more. There are just a few days left. Visit her website for the chance to win a copy of Unacceptable Risk. You can also read the excerpt that Samhain has selected for The Rebuilding Year. This one finds my two … Read more

The Rebuilding Year Chapter 1

OK, I couldn’t resist. On those rare occasions when I read any excerpt, I like the first chapter. So for those who do like to get a taste of a book ahead of release, and prefer to begin at the beginning, here is the first chapter of The Rebuilding Year. Hope you enjoy meeting Ryan and John. . . The Rebuilding Year from Samhain Publishing Copyright © 2011 by Kaje Harper This book is a … Read more

The Rebuilding Year – upcoming excerpts

So I said a week ago I would have some excerpts from my upcoming book to post. And I’ve been thinking about them. (I’ve been overthinking it, I suspect.) In the past the only excerpts I’ve done have been the first chapters that MLR makes available with each new release. I’ve heard mixed opinions about using the first chapter. Some people like it, because there’s no spoiler effect. They get a look at the book … Read more

Interview and a free book giveaway

Tomorrow I’ll have a fun interview up on the blog of author K-lee Klein. You may know her from her excellent (and free) Hot Summer Days short story Outfoxed, which is available on All Romance ebooks. K-lee is having an amazing series of guest authors with interviews and book giveaways. Today is Z.A. Maxfield who is giving away a copy of her holiday short story. Go and check it out! Tomorrow Thursday Dec 10th will … Read more

The Rebuilding Year

I wanted to put out a little advance notice about a book of mine that will release on March 6, 2012 from Samhain books. This story, The Rebuilding Year, is a contemporary m/m romance with just a hint of a mystery in it. I’ve enjoyed writing it, and I even enjoyed several rounds of editing it. Which is unusual (since I usually dislike doing editing) and I hope means that it will appeal to readers … Read more

Win books on Lex Valentine’s 30 Days of Christmas

Fellow author Lex Valentine is celebrating the Christmas season with book giveaways. Every day this month there are romance books up for grabs on her website. Stories of all kinds are represented: M/M, M/F, paranormal, contemporary, BDSM, sweet and sexy, a little something for everyone. On Dec 5th, one of the books going for free to a winning reader will be a paperback copy of my werewolf novel Unacceptable Risk, signed, sealed and delivered. I … Read more

Sweet love and MLR’s 42 Days of Holidays

Christmas is coming and I do love the holidays. (I’m sentimental that way.) But back when this started it was late summer and I was in the mood to write a sweet love story. You see, someone had written a comment on a blog lambasting m/m readers. Apparently we were being superficial wimps for not wanting to read anything that didn’t have fluffy bunnies in it. Well, maybe not in those words. But the gist … Read more

Privacy, Integrity and the Internet

A lot of different things have me considering this topic about now. On a personal level, I was in my own email and I was reminded of how private things are NOT, online. You know how you get those annoying ads popping up alongside your email on the regular sites? I happened to look at the ads, which usually I just ignore. And then I looked again. The top five ads were for “Publish your … Read more

Ghosts and Flames released

My new novella Ghosts and Flames is now available from MLR press. I’ve put a link here – just click on the cover in the column on the right to get to the publisher’s website. I had fun writing this one. I hope people will have fun reading it.

Ghosts coming Friday

Ghosts & Flames cover

It looks like my novella Ghosts and Flames will release on Friday, Nov. 4, from MLR Press. This one is a paranormal, a little less emotional (well, that’s not hard when comparing to Full Circle), and hopefully fun. Here’s a look at the cover: Since it’s about 22,000 words it will release as an e-book only. This short novella is probably as close as I’ll get to a companion book to my free novel Lies … Read more