Life Lessons # 1 1/2 available

Look for the free Life Lessons short story And to All a Good Night by clicking on the page link above in the page bar, or on the cover image at right. (Hey, I think I made it work!)

I would love comments. Breaking Cover, the sequel to Life Lessons, is now in editing and I’ve got maybe one more go-round to make it right. So tell me what you think.

4 thoughts on “Life Lessons # 1 1/2 available”

  1. Mac is in a tough spot. He’s convinced himself that being an effective cop and doing the best thing for Anna means sacrificing his own preferences, and giving everything to his job and his child. He needs to see there are other ways to make this work. Past experiences have made him a bit of a pessimist. Tony has his work cut out for him to make this relationship move forward, and fate might have to give him a helping hand. My editor says the sequel will hopefully be out by August, although that’s still tentative. Glad you enjoyed this sneak peek into how things are going for my two guys.

  2. Thanks for posting the short story about Tony and Mac. I really enjoyed reading it on your website and I’m very much looking forward to the Breaking Cover sequel. I like that both men have some serious personal issues to deal with and that they can get exasperated and even angry with each other without wanting to call it quits.
    I admit I’ve never heard of either Smashwords or Goodreads–guess I have a couple of more ebooks writers and readers websites to check out.

  3. Definitely check them out. Smashwords is self-publishing, and there is a total mixed bag there, but some good writing in the mix and some of it is free. Goodreads is a place for people to get together to discuss and share books and reviews. If you like m/m romance, there are over 3000 members actively reading and reviewing, and writing stories, in that genre on Goodreads and it’s a very easy-going and welcoming group (Your to-read list will immediately expand five-fold. Great to have all those books listed and reviewed, although tough on the budget and the time crunch.) Thanks for taking the time to give me feedback on my writing. I hope you’ll like Breaking Cover.


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