Consumed by Fire – released

I’m thrilled to have Consumed by Fire – the sixth Necromancer book – out now on all vendors. I hope readers will enjoy this new adventure – Grim is sharp as ever, Darien faces moral questions, Silas faces demons, and Pip… is simply Pip. Join them for the fun and adventure, and two men in love.

I’ve posted a brief excerpt below (note, this series should be read in order- book 1 – Marked by Death – is FREE HERE on all vendors.)

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Darien stood looking around a smoke-tarnished kitchen. Silas moved to his shoulder, eyeing the ceiling and walls. Despite the damage done by water and soot, Darien was right— this section of the house looked solid enough. Jasper and the other three sorcerers had followed Silas in, with Xsing cradled in Jasper’s arm. Pip and Grim came trotting back from deeper inside.

“We found the source of the damage,” Grim said. “Undoubtedly also the remains of a gate, and probably Morrison’s work room. I think it was once the parlor.”

“Any sign of demons?” Worthington asked.

“You’d know better than I would,” Grim told him. “Come on, this way. Watch where you walk.”

They followed Grim through the kitchen and out into a hallway where the reek of smoke hung thick on the air. Silas coughed and heard Tanner do the same. The far end of the hallway showed much more damage, with the ceiling cracked and half fallen. Drywall to their right had blown out of the framing.

Grim stopped and ducked through a hole in the stud wall. “This room here. You’ll want to come through this hole. The door end’s a mess.”

Darien eased through the gap quickly, Silas ducked under a blackened wire running between the studs to follow him, and Jasper joined them. As the others squeezed their way through, Silas turned on his heel to survey the room.

He immediately saw what Grim had noticed. One wall of the room was much cleaner than the rest, intact and free of holes but marked by a perfect blackened arch. The rest of the room was a shambles of overturned furniture, charred books, dented walls, scorch marks, and soot. It looked as if the end of a blast furnace had emptied out toward the front of the house and the whole room reeked of charcoal and sulfur.

Locke picked up a book from the floor. “Oh dear, that shouldn’t be lying around.” He opened the shopping bag he’d brought and put the scorched, leather-bound tome inside.

“We should check all the books—” Worthington began, then he stopped abruptly, head up as if sniffing the air.

In the same moment, Silas became aware of a chill running across his skin. “Ghosts,” he said. “More than one.”

A flicker of gold ran over Darien as he shielded strongly, then it vanished as he pulled his shields down to skin level. Pip jumped to Darien’s side, sniffing the air. “Where? How many? What can I do?”

Silas scanned the room with his Othersight. Slowly, one after another, wisps of ghosts filtered up through the floor, in through the walls, and out of the one standing bookcase. Silas counted seven. No, eight. Maybe more.

Worthington cleared his throat. “Are you seeing them too, Thornwood?”

“I detect at least eight.” He sent a tendril of power out, but they ducked away from him. None had a face or a shape or much humanity left.

“What the hells was Morrison doing here?”…

Discover the reasons for the destruction, the ghosts, and come along with Darien, Silas, Grim and Pip as they head for rural Canada and a new adventure in Consumed by Fire: Necromancer book 6

[ Find Consumed by Fire wide on all vendors ]

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