Unsafe Exposure available for preorder

I’m delighted to say that the 5th (and last rerelease) Hidden Wolves book – Unsafe Exposure – is now up for preorder on Amazon (and soon elsewhere.) Release date is April 27th. (The new book 6 will release June 1.)

I love this new cover. It’s different from the last, but Alex is a very different wolf from Brandt. Alex is Fourteenth in his pack, submissive, and happy to stay unnoticed. When he spots Dylan running from four pack youngsters, and pulls over to help, he has no idea that the chance meeting with a man who doesn’t realize he’s a werewolf will catapult him into life-and-death politics. But Alex, no matter how retiring he is, has a core of integrity that means he’ll do the right thing, no matter what it costs him.

AZ US – Preorder

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