Ghosts coming Friday

Ghosts & Flames cover

It looks like my novella Ghosts and Flames will release on Friday, Nov. 4, from MLR Press. This one is a paranormal, a little less emotional (well, that’s not hard when comparing to Full Circle), and hopefully fun. Here’s a look at the cover: Since it’s about 22,000 words it will release as an e-book only. This short novella is probably as close as I’ll get to a companion book to my free novel Lies … Read more

Why I write

A writer friend, author Patricia Lynne, asked me to do a guest spot on her blog, in a series she’s doing from other authors on “Why I write.” I asked if saying “Because it’s fun!” a dozen times counts as a post, but sadly she wanted something a little more complex than than that. So I had to think about why being able to write tops eating chocolate, on my hit list of life’s necessities. … Read more

Warm Fuzzies

It’s been a nice couple of days. Reviews for Unacceptable Risk have been pretty positive so far. And sales seem to be picking up (maybe because the Gay Rom Lit gathering in New Orleans is over; my readers have stopped bar hopping and started buying books again.) Then someone recommended my books to Josh Lanyon on the grounds that I sound a little like him. (Now there’s a compliment!) And I got to make a … Read more

Unacceptable Risk available

My first werewolf novel, Unacceptable Risk is now available from MLR Press. Click the cover at right for a direct link to the publisher’s site. It’s also already up on Amazon (I’m amazed but delighted how fast that happened compared to past books) and will be on other sites like All Romance ebooks within the next few weeks. Hopefully those of you who have liked Tony and Mac will also become fond of Simon and … Read more

Keeping Busy

I just sent back the galley proofs for Unacceptable Risk, on schedule for the e-book to be released on Friday (Oct. 14th.) I realized I haven’t posted the blurb yet, so here it is: Simon Conley was born a werewolf, making him one of a tiny minority in a sea of vanilla humans. The safety of the pack lies in absolute secrecy, sometimes violently enforced. In a species where pack-members are born and not made, … Read more

Pen Names and Young Adult fiction

I’ve been debating the issue of using the same author name for my YA fiction as I use for my adult explicit romance. Up until now it hasn’t been an issue, since none of my YA material was published or available for download. (I don’t count Like the Taste of Summer since I wrote that for the adult romance group. It just happened to come out on the less-explicit side.) The first really YA story … Read more


So the short story Full Circle is now available from MLR Press. It will be interesting to see what readers think of a story line that is not traditional romance. Hopefully it’s clear enough from the blurb that people looking for a HEA won’t pick this one up. It’s always fun to see the comments appear on a new work. I just got the cover for the werewolf book Unacceptable Risk from the artist. That’s … Read more

Full Circle releases Friday Sept. 16

I just found out the short story Full Circle will be released by MLR Press this coming Friday, September 16th. I thought some readers might be interested in seeing the blurb in advance: It may be better to have loved and lost, twice, than never loved at all, but it sure as hell gets lonely. Jamison Severs is sitting in a bar contemplating his past as a failed lover, failed doctor, failed drunkard, and a … Read more

Short story upcoming from MLR

MLR Press let me know that my short story Full Circle has gone to proofreading, which means it should release in a couple of weeks if all goes well. I’m grateful to MLR for being willing to publish this story, because it isn’t a typical romance short. It has romance and love and sadness, and the ending is happy, but the main character/narrator doesn’t settle down to a happy ever after with his lover. I … Read more

YA short story Intervention

I recently wrote a short story with an it-gets-better theme for the Goodreads YA M/M Romance group. (I put up an author self-promotion thread and wanted something good in it.) I decided to post that story here, even though it’s not my usual genre. A couple of the teens who read it encouraged me to get it out somewhere more public, and my teenage daughter made me a cover for the story. I might put … Read more