Parting Ways and New Editions

 I want to say thank you and goodbye to my time with MLR Press, my publisher for some of my books for the last almost 10 years. They were the ones who took a chance on my very first story, and I have been grateful for their support for my writing. I’m sure they will continue to do well for other authors.

In this crazy COVID year, things worked out best for us to part ways. If you are looking for any of my Life Lessons or Hidden Wolves  books, or other MLR titles, they will be unavailable until into early 2021 (other than residual paper copies).

But I do hope to bring them out in new editions then, along with a 5th Hidden Wolves story that is already written, and hopefully audio for Life Lessons.

It’s always hard closing a chapter and opening a new one. With this change, I’m completely indie, except for my books in translation. That’s both exciting and scary.

I wish MLR all the best going forward. I would not be here writing for you without them.

2 thoughts on “Parting Ways and New Editions”

    • This is a full length novel – about 117K; It has 4 POVs – Aaron, Zach, and two new older wolves. I was hoping to have it out this year, but now it looks like it will be spring 2021. (Depending on finding an editor who is willing to read the first ones, and has time for this book.) I’m looking forward to sharing it. Aaron and Zach move forward, and I love my older guys.


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