Blogging on Joyfully Jay and Giving away books on A-OK and NR’s Walker’s group

Today I’m blogging about my writing change and the release of Powered by Ghosts on the blog Joyfully Jay – When I said this book was releasing, Jay didn’t have a regular slot but she kindly slid me into the schedule. I so appreciate the blogs in our genre who do so much to keep readers and authors connected. Joyfully Jay : And tomorrow (Sat Nov 28) I will be on a Facebook Group … Read more

Powered by Ghosts released (with excerpt)

Powered by Ghosts is now available on Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords, and soon on other retailers. I hope readers will enjoy the further adventures of Darien, Silas, and Grim. Darien’s no longer possessed, but that doesn’t mean he’s safe. In a world of sorcerers and necromancers, he’s full of power and potential, but completely ignorant. Necromancer Silas, and Silas’s cat familiar, Grim, are teaching him basic skills, but danger won’t hold off, just because he’s … Read more

Powered by Ghosts up for Preorder

Powered by Ghosts – Necromancer book 2 is up for preorder on both Smashwords and Amazon. It’s been up on Amazon for a while, but they are apparently having a glitch where some preorder books are not showing the cover on the book detail page. I’ve given up on waiting for them to fix it before this promo so just know, the cover is up on the book (AZ assures me it looks fine). And … Read more

Parting Ways and New Editions

 I want to say thank you and goodbye to my time with MLR Press, my publisher for some of my books for the last almost 10 years. They were the ones who took a chance on my very first story, and I have been grateful for their support for my writing. I’m sure they will continue to do well for other authors. In this crazy COVID year, things worked out best for us to part … Read more

Marked by Death now wide and free(er)

Grim, Silas’s cat-familiar, is pleased to see that Marked by Death has now gone wide, to Kobo – Apple – (Not yet at Barnes & Noble – they are having their issues…) And is now Free on Amazon: US – UK – AU – (But not yet CA or DE… because… who knows – hi Canada, Germany, et al, I hope they will do this for you too.) Good free … Read more

Marked by Death released

Marked by Death is now available – currently free on Smashwords in all formats (including an uploaded mobi) and .99 on Amazon – they haven’t price matched yet. I hope readers like this polished and edited version of the guys who started their journey on my FB group. Smashwords: Amazon US: Asking a necromancer for help is scary; falling for him may be downright terrifying. Darien Green’s afraid he’s going insane. The voices … Read more

Upcoming release of the first Necromancer story

A couple of months ago, I wrote what was going to be a flash fiction for my Facebook group. Except it grew into a 49,000 word novella. And then I wrote a sequel. I’ve polished up the first novella – Marked by Death (Necromancer book 1) – and it will release October 24th. I’m hoping to make this one a freebie for everyone now (if I can get Amazon to price match) and then will … Read more

Joyfully Jay – Reading Challenge and prizes month

Do you like to read books and book reviews? Do you like to win books? (Including bundles of a dozen ebooks, or a Kindle Paperwhite?) The blog Joyfully Jay’s Reading Challenge Month started yesterday, Sunday, and runs through Saturday, October 3. Each week, for four weeks, they have a different reading challenge. Their reviewers will be reading various books that meet the challenge, and then the readers can join along in two ways. First, for … Read more

Marked by Death complete free novella

 If you’re on Facebook, I have now posted the complete 48K urban fantasy novella of Marked by Death on my FB group. I will be releasing it later in the year, as an ebook, but if you want to read it now, (and check out my random illustrations for the various segments) you can find a post with links to all the segments here: